Big and tall dating

18-Dec-2016 06:52

They found out that for every 100 couples, there are only two among the couples have taller woman and shorter man.Generally, men prefer women who are shorter than they are and women prefer men who are taller.Is it any different to a man asking a woman her weight?Men take body shape into account too, maybe not always in regards to the height but most men would probably have an idea of whether their perfect woman is slim or curvy.Many are not as fortunate to be able to stand heads above the rest and prefer to date people who do! Here at Tall Personals, we use high-tech internet tools to let you discover the world of people out there blessed with the gift of height looking for love, friendship and romance! But while online dating may be a great way to find your soul mate, you’ll be confronted with thousands of candidates.

And remember that women are not the only gender with a preference in the body shape of a mate.How many singles dating websites on the Internet do you think there are that really care about about their visitors, guests or members?When it comes to love, dating and romance on the Internet, we think you are going to be pleasantly surprised and very happy you found Tall Personals!To be specific, here are 10 reasons why men are into smaller women.

Okay, the truth is every woman in this planet needs protection, regardless of her height. Since they appear daintier and more fragile and feminine compared to their taller counterparts, there is always the need for men to give them protection because, well, it is so easy to overpower a short girl.

Being a woman on Tinder in 2015, you can’t swipe for five minutes before seeing a man’s profile with their height listed, usually with the words ‘because apparently it’s important’ after it.

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