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16-Dec-2016 06:04

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Main Office Natural Resources Building 1111 Washington St.

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HCPs are planning documents required as part of an application for an incidental take permit.

They describe the anticipated effects of the proposed taking; how those impacts will be minimized, or mitigated; and how the HCP is to be funded.

Project will restore the hydrologic integrity of degraded tracts using water control structures, levee work, plantings and technical assistance through marsh management plans.

There are a wide variety of water conservation programs that have been implemented in North America.

Learn more This web page describes WDFW's proposals for new land acquisition during 2016 and provides a virtual tour of 10 proposals.

These projects were developed by WDFW staff and approved by the department's executive management team to conserve important fish and wildlife habitats.

Olympia, WA 98501-1091 Jim Unsworth Director WDFW seeks comments on draft status reviews for fisher, 5 whale species State wildlife managers are seeking public input on their recommendations to keep the fisher and five species of large whales on Washington's list of endangered species.

Learn more State wildlife managers are asking hunters, anglers, campers and others planning to spend time in the Cascade Mountains this fall to report any elk they encounter and pay close attention to see if any walk with a limp.

In addition, project will develop techniques to capture young-of-the-year Gulf sturgeon. Andrew Bay Resource Management Association Project Description: Implement community-based living shoreline habitat restoration programs in the St. Project will restore and enhance a total of 0.4 acres of coastal wetlands and perform education and outreach activities.