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25-Apr-2016 13:58

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George Michael told her that he was being interviewed by FOX 6 and that they should watch it together. While traveling down to Mexico to find George, Michael promises George Michael that he will talk to Ann while in the car to get to know her better. To try to make it up to his son, he rides to Newport Beach in the car alone with Ann. Maeby tells people it is a "CD burning party" and other high schoolers attend to illegally share music. B.'s obvious discomfort and told him that she understood it if he needed some personal space, causing him to casually blurt out "Marry Me!

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When Michael finally comes to terms with his son's attraction toward Ann he gives them his blessing, which Ann takes as permission to get physical. While ordering a frozen banana from the Banana stand, Ann asked if bananas are allowed on the Atkins diet. George Michael and Ann throw a "music burning party" to destroy all non-Christian music. B.'s horror Ann accepted his inadvertent proposal and they planned their wedding.

bandmate Andrew Ridgeley is sharing his sorrow over the news of his friend's death with the world."Heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend Yog," Ridgeley tweeted Christmas night. Me, his loved ones, his friends, the world of music, the world at large. A xx GTm4D9O6— Andrew Ridgeley (@ajridgeley) December 26, 2016Michael, 53, was found dead earlier Sunday.