Greek girl on cam

18-Oct-2016 00:25

While some of the brand’s older advertising has also played with that creative impulse as a tongue-in-cheek vehicle to fame, the personal, more heartfelt positioning (even when humorous) perfectly leans into the psychology of what it’s actually selling as upscale hardware in a mobile-driven, socially connected, image-saturated era—a more facile, flattering and arresting window between your life and the wider world.

While the new ad might risk seeming to poke fun at yokels who’ve never seen a camera before, its spirit is friendlier than that, if plenty contrived.

It draws such vocal praise that soon, everyone else in the cafe is clamoring for their own, sparking a chain reaction through the streets.

Soon, she’s capturing a parade of local characters—mailman, baker, fisherman, barber, priest—anyone who can get in front of her camera.

(Submitted) " / The body camera footage of Holton police officer Brian Barber shows him in a conversation with Sgt.

(Submitted) Body camera footage shows two Holton Police Department officers and a dispatcher talking disparagingly about an 18-year-old woman — remarking on her body, insulting her baby and claiming her family is incestuous.

Holthaus said that not only is the content of the video untrue, but she was disturbed her daughter was part of the discussion. “You can not like me, but bringing my daughter into it is sick.” Since discovering the footage through her lawyer, Holthaus has wondered whether she can rely on the police department should she need to.

as a short form of Modern Latin camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), contrasted with (Latin for "light chamber"), which uses prisms to produce on paper beneath the instrument an image, which can be traced.

It’s all to promote the “Portrait” mode on the smartphone’s photo app, which uses the dual-lens setup on the i Phone 7 Plus’s rear-facing camera to better measure depth, and sharpen the focus on the subject while blurring the background.