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21-Aug-2016 20:09

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have an internal check list of photos you instantly swipe left on (that’s a No swipe, for the uninitiated among you) in order to save some time. And according to dating app Bumble, we’re not the only ones.Most of the pictures on this No checklist include selfies. Their data tells them people are most likely to swipe left on mirror selfie pics.Culture Minister Ed Vaizey said: “The Didcot Mirror is a beautiful object dating from the Iron Age and would be a tremendous addition to any one of our many outstanding national, regional and local museums.I hope the export bar I’ve placed on the mirror allows time for a UK buyer to come forward and secure it for the nation.” The decision on the export licence application for the Mirror will be deferred for a period ending on 14 June 2014, however this may be extended until 14 September inclusive if a serious intention to raise funds to purchase the Mirror is made.or this suggests that it takes a certain type of dubious character to post mirror selfies in the first place, and that same dubious character conducts themselves in such a way that leads to them being reported. The company are urging users to behave on the app how they'd behave IRL, in order to stop such questionable behaviour. And you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up to someone in their underwear either.’ Other photo moderation rules outlined by Bumble include no bikinis or swimwear indoors, that your face must be visible, and you should have a picture of you on your own so people know who they’re talking to.

However, in a strongly worded statement he hit out at ‘a wave of abuse and harassment’ that has been ‘very public’.

And then from their specific dating pool, the picker will be able to find their ideal partner based on their personality. In an interview with Digital Trends, it sounds he is banking on that eerie aspect that happens every time the audience sees a room full of identical people are offering themselves up romantically for a stranger — it's part of the appeal.

Whereas previously Schnur would have to ask for songs for "Madden," now artists come to him.… continue reading »

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