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When it comes to dating after 60, it often feels like women face a choice between intimacy and independence. Certainly, many of the women in the Sixty and Me community have pushed back whenever I have raised this topic. We all want love in our lives, no matter what age we are!

But maintaining healthy relationships – romantic and otherwise – becomes even more important in our 50s, 60s and beyond.

The story of Goatse begins with a mustachioed, wiry man in his late forties who goes by the name "Kirk Johnson." Johnson is a prominent practitioner of extreme penetration, which is the extreme penetration community's term of art for sticking huge objects up your ass. ***Everyone remembers their first Goatse (pronounced ).

For years, Johnson has been rumored to be the Goatse man, based on their similar frame, skills, and matching moles on both Goatse's and Johnson's ass. I'm not sure the exact circumstances of my first, but I do recall the weightless horror after clicking on the link as a greasy teenager, screwing around online between rounds of the first-person shooter , that directed me to the now-defunct Goatse shock site: This is what I saw at a picture of a skinny naked man with his back to the camera, bent over at a 45 degree angle.

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Shuttling Marcus between home, church and the Boy Scouts seemed like the best way to keep him away from trouble (and girls). "I didn't get out much." Though Marcus was gifted with computers, his mom and dad, an electrical engineer, also locked him down online."And then I was like, ' Aw, fuck it.' " Fuck It Day came January 7th, 2012.