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The former Labor leader's party trick is fast becoming a tradition at the Sydney Test - he performed a similar feat in 2012 when Australia took on India.

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It was los Angeles' first time in a ring since an incident in December saw her gored twice by 1090-pound bull Gerasimo, while fighting at the Plaza Mexico, the world’s biggest bullring on 28 December.

"And he's still got the capability of a 🍻 skull." - Slats. #Cheers #AUSv PAK | https://t.co/IXov Tqhu Ao pic.twitter.com/Pf Ih LUu Ba B— Wide World of Sports (@wwos) January 4, 2017 FORMER Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, now 87-years-old, has sculled a beer to a standing ovation at the SCG Test match.

Hawke necked the frothy while pictured on the big screen during the third Test against Pakistan.

If you are reading this, you are probably already aware that the Ovation Ultra GP is currently associated with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.

Homme owns several of these guitars in addition to his original black one, and relies on them for his signature sound.

So here you go, everything you always wanted to know about the Ovation Ultra GP but were afraid to ask! What people end up wanting retroactively can be vastly different from what they thought they wanted at the time, for many different reasons. Witness the ascendance of the late 1950's Les Paul Standard over the (then) higher priced Custom, as well as the downfall of the once popular 1980's pointy hair metal guitars. Sometimes sheer star power can be enough to catapult a once unpopular "junk" guitar into the spotlight, making it the envy of other guitarists all over the world. If utter obscurity and lack of desirability, appreciatiation and respect are the defining criteria, then the GP is the ultimate "junk guitar".