Updating the river city simulation

17-Apr-2016 15:27

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Check on available electricity, water, sewage, crime, education, heathcare, employment, and just about everything else you might want to keep an eye on.Remember, you're not just a mayor, you're a Peeping Tom.Similar to some online multi-player games, the River City multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) enables multiple participants to access virtual worlds simultaneously, communicate with teammates via an instant messenger interface, and to interact with digital artifacts.

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They are also currently responsible for the day-to-day hosting of the environment, and have proposed a plan that will keep River City alive and well during the upcoming school year.

Tired of clicking between all the different icons to monitor your growing city's needs?

This mod gives you a configurable panel so you can get as much data as possible in a single view.

Typing in the main text input box will display a user's message to other team members.

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Users can talk to River City residents by right-clicking on them and then choosing a question to pose to them.

Activeworlds has a long history of working to enable teachers and schools with easily accessible and stable virtual worlds since 1995.

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