Who is jim jones dating now

29-Aug-2016 22:13

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In fact, he’s happy the rapper signed with Roc Nation. “But a lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy.

I really hope Jim is successful and I wish him the best of luck.” While they made lots of money together and The Diplomats blew up, their relationship turned sour when Jim Jones started dating Chrissy Lampkin and an emotional Jim couldn’t handle Cam’s jokes.

Popular by the nickname Jim Jones, Joseph Guillermo Jones II is a hip hop artist from United States.

He is also well known for being the co-CEO of Diplomat Records and the founder of the hip hop collective The Diplomats.

“I seen how their relationship grow and I think it's dope.

I had a joint venture deal with Juelz album with Def Jam.” “You got Max B, you got Stack Bundles, them two alone,” Cam began to surmise. If you think about it, Jim never put no artists out. Jim ended up getting some rappers and what he did was use them for his album instead of putting them out.

I never had no paperwork with Jim so how could I rob him?

The New York City natives spoke about how they keep their relationship strong, the reason why they decided to bring their union back in front of the cameras and their memories of growing up the Harlem of yesteryear: BOSSIP: You’ve been together for a long time. Chrissy: “I think it has a lot to do with where we come from, and how we’ve seen things play out and the importance of having somebody who’s truly down for you.

But when Jim insists on televising the nuptials live, Chrissy begins to have doubts given their on again, off again track record.